Members, partners & sections: FCI: 2020: 2019: 2018: 2017: 2016: … The breed is a rare versatile gundog that originates from the Picardy region of France, and used to hunt, point and retrieve sparse gamebirds. Discover (and save!) By 2003, for the first time ever, Blues outnumbered Picardies. The Blue Picardy Spaniel is a versatile sporting dog known for locating and retrieving game under the most adverse conditions. The issue that caused the delay seems to have been a disagreement among breeders concerning just how much of an English style the breed should have. Welcome to the home of the Picardy Spaniel in North America Created by hunters, for hunters, the Picardy Spaniel is a hidden gem among gundogs. The first black, blue-grey Spaniel was recorded in 1875 while the first Picardy Spaniel in 1904. Our spaniels in foster care are currently being assessed and in some cases undergoing veterinary treatment. It is unlikely that you will find one in a shelter or through a rescue group. is proud to be a part of the online adoption community. Control the weight of your Blue Picardy Spaniel during its growth allows you to know if you are feeding it correctly. Use the filters below to find pedigree puppies for sale near you. 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If you are considering the adoption of a Blue Picardy Spaniel puppy, or any breed, it is very important to be selective in choosing a responsible and reputable breeder. Picardy Spaniels are descended from old French spaniel breeds, crossed with English Setters … If you want to search, however, here’s how to get started. The UK Picardy Spaniel Club It is with great pleasure that we introduce the UK club for the Picardy Spaniel (Épagneul Picard) formed in 2014. His colouring is a distinctive blue-grey with black patches of various sizes. your own Pins on Pinterest Jan 25, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Dog Breeds. The Blue Picardy Spaniel in Canada Clubs, Sports & Activities — For information on the many sports and activities you can get involved in with your dog. This is an active dog who requires daily exercise. The Blue Picardy Spaniel (or Épagneul Bleu de Picardie) is a breed of Spaniel originating in France, from the area around the mouth of the River Somme, around the start of the 20th century.It is descended from Picardy Spaniels and English Setters, and is described as a quiet breed that requires much exercise due to its stamina.It is especially good with children. While the Brittany and to a certain extent some of the other varieties of épagneul managed to make progress, by the time Jean Castaing’s masterwork Les Chiens d’Arrêt was published in 1960, the breed was in dire straits. The reasons for this are not entirely clear but it is reasonable to assume that, like in other areas of Europe, black was considered “proof ” of crosses to English dogs and was seen as an impediment to establishing a truly homegrown breed. As you might expect of a descendant of setters, the silky fur is flat or slightly wavy, and there is good feathering on the legs and tail. Thank you for considering re-homing a spaniel from Spaniel Aid UK. In 1938, the Blue Picardy Spaniel was recognised as a separate breed from the Picardy Spaniel, rather than just a variant distinguished by fur colouration. In the 1920s efforts got underway to organize the black and white dogs into an officially recognized breed. Adopting a Dog From a Blue Picardy Spaniel Rescue Group or Shelter. If you are looking for a smart, trainable dog that can also be use… The Blue Picardy Spaniel is a medium to medium-large sized dog that stands just at or just under two feet tall and while the FCI standards do not specify a weight range, they are typically somewhere between 45 and 60 pounds in weight. Breeding of any dog should not be done until after they have been proven to be free of evidence of significant hereditary diseases. Here we have 2 beautiful cocker spaniels, puppy’s will be due on the 8th February 2021,They should be some beautiful colours blue roans ect, a deposit of £250 will secure your puppy call 07907907154 for more information thank you Because of quarantine restrictions in the United Kingdom, British shooters boarded their dogs in the Picardy area. Eventually, it was decided that the Blue Picardy should remain “Continental” in its look and performance and the standard was, according to the website for the current club, “corrected to eliminate all English character”. NAPSA is made up of a select group of breeders dedicated to producing healthy, hard-hunting Picardy Spaniels for North American sportsmen and women. The first French spaniels had their beginnings in the Middle East when French knights travelled to the Holy Land accompanied by their pointers and hounds, which interbred with Arabian Greyhounds. The next generation of the FCI: Presentation: Mission, Vision and Values: Founding members: Junior Handling: GA 2015 : Summaries & Plans: How to establish a national Youth canine organisation: How to organize Youth activities for cynological venues: Statistics. Blue Picardy Spaniel originally comes from France. www.memphisdogtrainers.commemphis@offleashk9training.com — is an Amazon Associate as well as a participant in various affiliate programs, as such fees are earned from qualifying purchases. It is unlikely that you will find one in a shelter or through a rescue group. Log In. Oct 18, 2018 - Blue Picardy Spaniel or Épagneul Bleu de Picardie, Épagneul Picard, #Hound #Dog #Puppies #Spaniels #Scenthound #Puppy #Dogs ... A breed of Spaniel originating in France, from the area around the mouth of the River Somme, around the start of the 20th century.