By using this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows. When the Finder window opens, on the menu bar, select ‘Go’ and then ‘Utilities.’ After that, you will be able to see /Applications/Utilities folder in Finder. Regards, Curt Pruitt. You can use it when you need a bigger file size and partition limits than FAT32 offers. Please tell me how can I access data in DOS from WD my passport external harddisk? Just as I have mentioned above, once the process begins, all the data on the drive will be lost. How do I format it so that I can use it with my Mac? Right now it wont let me ADD anything to it because it wont let itself me "modified". Step 3. What you should know that formatting will erase all data on the drive. Any more advice? Due to some limitations FAT32 format is not useful for every type of user, and also affects both Mac’s and PC’s performances. Plug-in your drive and start your backups. On the next screen of Disk Utility you will be able … There are specific third-party systems, like Digital Camcorders, and Sony PlayStation 3, which need the drives to be formatted in either FAT32 or ex-FAT format to perform read from and write operation. The successive major versions of the FAT format are named after the number of table element bits: FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32. Step 2. A Western Digital external hard drive can be used on both Windows and Mac OSX. Please select the physical hard drive instead of the partition and then press the Erase button. Please go through this article to set up your drive for Time Machine 5. How to format WD passport to use on MAC and PC. This is really helpful and informative. I followed your instructions and do not see the file formats available in the “erase” in disk utilities. Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities. Choose the ExFat format … Stellar Data Recovery has the right Windows Recovery tool for all your data recovery.. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_40"); We know, Macs and Windows have their native file systems such as the new APFS or HFS and the NTFS. Stellar Data Recovery for Mac program performs safe.. A comprehensive photo recovery software to restore photos, music & video files.. Check out my profile for contact I'd like to use my EHD on both mac and pc. Hello Adnan, Give Your WD My Passport External Drive a Name. By using this software, you can easily recover all files like images, videos, music, etc. It is packed with modern features not available to FAT32 and exFAT. Final Words: So that was all for the WD My Passport for Mac and PC review. 6. Step 3. Most WD Drives come formatted in the NTFS (Windows)or HFS+ (Mac)format. How do I fix this and then how do I ensure that I can use the WD My Passport on both the Mac and the PC I now want to add files from my Mac Book. Step 1: Launch EaseUS Todo Backup software and then choose "File Backup", "Disk/partition Backup" or "System Backup" for different backup purpose. If you have quite a lot of data to be transferred, professional backup software shall be your best choice. Just bought A WD My Passport 1TB and want to format it for my Mac. Thank you for your help! I followed these clear steps exactly, and the process seemed to work. 'how to format my WD My Passport for Mac on to windows 10' ,I have a WD My Passport for Mac. To format a Western Digital My Passport external hard drive in ex-FAT or FAT32 format, you can bank on built-in applications of Mac & PC. }, 48 Bridge Street Metuchen, Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3. In addition, the ReFS file system was developed as a new generation file system for server computers starting from Windows Server 2012.Â. He intends to help people solve their macOS problems. I hope this helps. You can format your Western Digital My Passport external hard drive to FAT32 or exFAT format to transfer the data between a Mac and Windows system conveniently. We use cookies on this website. Format your Western Digital My Passport external hard drive to FAT32 or ex-FAT format so to transfer the data between a Mac and Windows system conveniently. A new Windows Explorer window opens, on the left side of the screen; you will see a list of installed drives and their drive letters. Therefore, it is better to take backup of your important photos and videos before sharing them between both the computers. This file system doesn't have the limitations of FAT32. How to use WD Passport on Windows 10? To avoid unnecessary data loss issues, we highly recommended all users extract or back up important data to another device or partition in advance. So, in case, if you had accidentally lost your data due to drive formatting or corruption, we also recommend a data recovery software that can rescue data from your HDD. In the new window, set the Partition label, File system (NTFS/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3/exFAT), and Cluster size for the partition to be formatted, then click OK. timeout Thanks for the support. Stellar & Stellar Data Recovery are Registered Trademarks of Stellar Information Technology Pvt. I am happy to help. Besides, Vishal prefers to read autobiographies, and his personal favorite is of Steve Jobs. My Passport is serial number WXM1C5294201. NTFS, NT File System, is the modern file system Windows likes to use by default. i recently just bought a WD ‘My Passport’. }, Thanks Vishal, this guide is really clear and useful. Step 2. })(120000); You are unable to directly convert exFAT to NTFS without losing data, as there is no such utility that can help you perform the exFAT to NTFS conversion. Therefore, it is better to choose ex-FAT instead. The My Passport line of drives from Western Digital has been very good to me and my clients on Mac, PC and Linux systems. Stellar data recovery does recognize the WD MY Book. The 1 TB hard drive arrived today. Thank you for the help so far! Connect WD My Passport to your Mac. Two effective ways to format WD Passport for Windows. FAT32 has several limitations, including a 4 GB per- file limit. Once formatting is done, you can use the drive in macOS or OS X as a regular hard drive. OK let me get straight. 4. Thanks. In this blog post, we will walk you through the formatting process and share instructions to format an external drive on macOS & Windows.But before you proceed, understand that formatting carries a risk of hard drive corruption and data loss. It will list all the hard drives and devices on your Mac … Tips: The instructions below are designed to help repartition and format a hard drive. If you want to use the drive with a Mac … I read that I needed to re-format the HD drive which I did but now neither the PC nor the Mac even sees the HD. Ltd. All Trademarks Acknowledged. Sure, sir let me know if you have any queries. Now, click the ‘Erase,’ button and wait a few minutes and let the macOS erase data on the drive and reformat it by FAT32 or ex-FAT format. Then I can go back and forth from my PC and Mac to save files to my external? Format WD hard drive via Diskpart The first tool that occurs to your mind to format WD hard drive might be File Explorer. if ( notice ) Most WD Drives come formatted in the NTFS (Windows) or HFS+ (Mac) format. This’ll be the first external HD I’ve owned that has been Mac plug and play. However, while doing this, there are things you have to keep in mind and follow the correct steps. Wait till the Windows detects the external hard drive and configure it as an expansion drive automatically. Once that's done, double left-click on the Mac HD, the internal Mac hard drive visible on the top-right corner of the desktop screen.Select "Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility". It does not offer the ability to format a drive larger than 32GB to FAT32, the only available choices are NTFS or exFAT. Formatting means i lose al the data, but i just want to recover deleted files from the external hard drive with stellar… How do i fix this one? Click ‘Erase’ on the Disk Utility file menu. Please get back to us for further query. This is a … I have just purchased a WD My Passport external 4 TB drive and wish to use it on both my PC as well as my iMac. 1 - purchase a second hard drive, format the new hard drive in HFS+, transfer the files from the NTFS drive into the new HFS+ external, and then format … The Steps: How To Format WD My Passport For Mac 1. How to Format a Western Digital My Passport to Mac & PC Step 1. If I follow your instructions and use the “Erase” feature do I lose my old PC files? Required fields are marked *, (function( timeout ) { I have a 2011 model My Passport which contains files from an old PC. I appreciate your kind assistance for novices. In fact I think I've now wiped it. I had the same error as Vernette. Or before? Enter a relevant name in the ‘Volume Label’ field. Time limit is exhausted. Before … The role of the WD My Passport drive is crucial since the individual will leverage the portable media to safely store their collection of pictures, videos, audio, and docs. Step 3. Ltd. All Trademarks Acknowledged. macOS supports a handful of common file systems - HFS+, FAT32, and exFAT, with read-only support for NTFS. Like FAT32, ex-FAT is not a very commonly used file system, due to which its support may vary among third-party devices. I would like to inform you that Stellar Data Recovery Software cannot recover the data from DOS or Command Prompt. Step 2. I have tried to repair it. Power on both devices. Right … Copyright © EaseUS. ... Reformatting Required for Mac … Most WD Drives come formatted in the NTFS (Windows) or HFS+ (Mac) format. Follow the details below to convert WD My Passport to FAT32 or exFAT. Thanks! There are specific third-party systems, like Digital Camcorders, and Sony PlayStation 3, which need the drives to be formatted in either FAT32 or ex-FAT … We can’t rule out the possibilities of human errors resulting in the accidental formatting of the WD My Passport external drive. The easiest way to format the drive to FAT32 or exFAT is by using macOS's built-in Disk Utility for FAT32 or exFAT. Step 3. Ltd.© Copyright 2021 Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Next, click the Erase icon at the top of the window and click the Format drop-down menu. ... 2. - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist This reliable and good to excellent performing line has a long positive history with me. Rename the drive, reset its file system to FAT32 or exFAT.Â. Hi. Your email address will not be published. Caution: Avoid Formatting your WD My Passport without Backup. This answer explains how to format a WD drive for use on Windows and macOS. Here we recommend you try EaseUS Todo Backup which allows you to directly back up target data with simple steps. Now, click the Start button and select ‘This PC’. Once the process begins, all the data on the drive will be lost! function() { Select the ‘File System’ from the drop-down list, which is available in the format expansion and choose either ‘ex-FAT’ or ‘FAT32’. Tom A simple partition tool to manage disk space in Windows 10, Brithny updated on Can you share the screenshot with me? We understand the importance of your data and our free trial versions of the applications enable you to confirm the possibility of recovery, even before you purchase the application. FAT32 is the oldest of the three file systems available to Windows. A WD My Passport formatted with Mac file system will be a dud on the Windows and vice-versa. Launch Disk Utility. 1. Find efficient methods of WD external drive format for Mac … Step 2. Not sure how to this? Now, I will show you the two methods to format WD My Passport portable hard drive on Mac. Please reload CAPTCHA. It is a wise choice to use a professional format tool. How do I re-format MY Passport for PC so that it will work with Mac and PC? Step 2. This name will represent your drive when you connect it with Windows Explorer or Mac and will be mentioned above the drive letter for the My Passport drive.