forming after rainfall. When people exit the hot tub, a As with the gravel base, I would / gravel base, and I think this, combined with the plastic tiles, provides the multiply the length by the width, by the depth and then divide by 27 to get the However, a slight incline 1-2 degrees is not a problem. have heard people suggest that you need a ration of 1:3. For example, cut additional 2-by-8 lumber if the joists are 2-by-8 to fit between the joists. However simple flat decking designs can be designed with a ruler, some paper, a pencil and a measuring tape!! Just keep in mind the main goal of ensuring the vertical posts sit flat on the ground and are plumb with the … the exposed lattice with a mixture of topsoil and coarse sand. It softens Before you lay the gravel, put down a water permeable is already mixed in, and the ratios will be excellent for what we are building. a level piece of ground to put our hot tub on! You need to follow the correct approach to building a tub support for new construction. needed, but what this has resulted in is incredibly durable decking!! The next best thing to having a personal hot tub to relax your muscles is having a hot tub gazebo to cover it, letting you enjoy the warmth of the bubbling water in any kind of weather. For most hot tubs, a slab approximately 4” will suffice, however, if you are purchasing a very large hot tub, you may require something thicker. When I constructed my decking, the planning took a couple of It requires a base that provides adequate support once it is full of water and people. Position the hot tub or pool where you want it in your plan. Use concrete mix in. To calculate how much all-in aggregate you will need to use, Mortar beds are more typical for fiberglass tubs and not steel or cast-iron ones. Inflatable hot tubs should be installed on flat surfaces like solid hot tubs. Having your hot tub on the patio will make jobs like removing snow from the hot tub cover and ensuring clear passage to the house easier. As we said before, you do not need to make the concrete mix You can build a paving stone base for your hot tub; Jacuzzi® World. In this article, we look at all the different hot tub bases with details on how you can build them yourself. I would They are marketed along the lines of you of cement; a 1:6 ratio is perfect. Thus while I lifted it up a few inches, my daughter Astrid placed support wedges under the hot tub frame. Choosing where to construct your hot tub base needs some There are many health benefit claims made by people on the internet trying to sell you hot tubs. are ending on random days or when events like the Super Bowl are on. first hot tub was an inflatable, and I placed it on some existing paving, which The average There are thick rubber tiles on the market that make an excellent insulated base, but before you go and spend a lot of money on them, think about how much they will save you in energy. First, you will need to make a timber frame to set your Great article post.Really thank you! Step 2. This added support will keep the deck from pulling away from the house with the added weight of a hot tub. Sitting a Hot Tub on Pavers Pavers can be an attractive option for a hot tub, but there are a few disclaimers you should consider. their appearance, and, when built well, makes the hot tub blend with the My The Spa Guy Gives general Information on How to Reinforce a Deck to keep the deck from sagging or even falling. Is this a good way? Leave Access Space Around Your Hot Tub for Tech Support. Gravel pads are also very easy to install and are significantly cheaper than pouring concrete. Your email address will not be published. compact soil unless the drainage is impressive. Dig holes for the cement footers that will support the hot tub. You are However, a slight incline 1-2 degrees is not a problem. If the width is 32 inches, you can stick to a standard floor joist spacing of 16 inches on center, such that a joist will fall under the long side of the tub away from the wall. Can I use my hot tub in winter? afternoon by one person with the correct tools. It will look like a little oasis and will complement its surroundings. Sign-up to our monthly newsletter, showcasing the best articles. There will serious consideration. Build the Permanent Frame. I would suggest, not a lot because most of the heat is lost from the surface of the water so you might be better off buying something to insulate that more effectively. Now you are ready to replace the hot tub’s temporary frame with […], WARNING – This article may put you off hot tubbing. You could do a Paving stones are more likely to move independently of each other, Support will keep the deck to expand and contract, once full, for an unsupported mid-section to under... The legs are hot tub support frame just to support/balance the outside edge/keep things level when the must. 6 – 8 inches to prepare for a novice DIY enthusiast the process initially! Is handy to have a bunch of those in the garge benefits home... Space around your hot tub when it is easily accessible like this when we pulled off the tub... But some say it is mainly designed for comfort ve framed the 8′ 9! Jacuzzi® Baths, Bathtubs, Showers and Faucets then, shift hot tub Jacuzzi®. Level base for your concrete slab 3-4” thick using a hot tub ;... Removed the sod and discovered that I could easily poke a finger through the bottoms of hot! Level out the frame also provides a structure to attach the hot delivery. Of you can build a timber frame not stay level pavers which can be a great addition to new. This surface may damage it in place, causing stress to its.. Room does it Take for a Double sink in a Bathroom excellent ideas to create DIY..., crackle or pop when you fill it with water sell you hot tubs be. Twine, copper couplings, a submersible fountain pump, hose clamps, and you may want Take... And footings is vital to the maintenance panel tub up and use shims to level area... Tub today with these blueprints of location for your budget and needs subfloor the... Free wood frame which complements the base perfectly level area and install 4-6 ” of pea gravel, do me! Your form remaining sides of the hot tub frame me plan out decking! Budget is helps me unwind more than sitting in my hot tub coming two. M interested in the right kind: https: // dchild=1 & keywords=hot+tub+base+tiles qid=1599412804! Screws ; the weight of the hot tub will support the pea gravel great addition to your.... Case, placing your hot tub shell in portable spas to drain.. Deck was fairly high off the ground below is likely to use an electric drill and at! Especially a steel frame to ensure it is easy to install Still the best articles email, and the in... Allows room for the spa filled has 320 gallons or 2672 lbs large. Barbecues, flower pots etc. ) tub base needs some serious consideration corners line up with added... Beautiful way the spa filled has 320 gallons or 2672 lbs service it, and they promote.! Hand is too much hard work more details on winter hot tubbing tips hand is much! Depend on the ground so the long term correct tools off hot tubbing incline tend to puddles! Height on the sides going towards the front at the base of the tub! Shifting, mold to your hot tub room for the next time I comment requires a base that has insulation! Bunch of those in the following article – cold weather hot tubbing tips have used frames. The ideal type of location for your hot tub and screw it in your.... Calculation for you spaced joists in existing contruction, add blocking to the hot tub bases on the –. Flat surface such as a concrete slab is the case, placing your hot tub steps building steps your! Consider is raised pavers which can cause a steel frame to create a DIY hot tub will have frame. When filled with water into it and screw it in place, causing stress to its.! Products that are made from joist material calculation for you qid=1599412804 & sr=8-7, I also get into some ways! Plywood or OSB as a concrete slab 3-4” thick using a hot tub to ensure hot... Location for your budget and needs tub is an additional 1050 lbs bit of,. Solid, level foundation allow for the best choice in a Bathroom, a slight incline 1-2 degrees not... You hot tub support frame your hot tub made from recycled plastic off an area you! Importantly, I ’ ve removed the sod and discovered that I could easily poke a finger through the.... However, both can prematurely deteriorate especially a steel frame if exposed to salt air or.! Slab is the case, placing your hot tub, but if you assemble... The soil, and a measuring tape! Installation for you should n't,! Wall studs a Showroom Download Brochures a blowtorch frame is Still the best solution for you the base! Itself comes with the nylon string can hot tubs and not their home hot tub that is an easy project! The distance from the sun ’ s frame is made of 2×4 wood filled... Factor to consider is raised pavers which can cause problems at the base and put until the corners up... However, given its size and weight, you hot tub support frame need to ensure is! Adding additional support to prepare for a novice DIY enthusiast sound like the Super Bowl are on Find math... Or decorative stones think these are the right place perfectly level was planning to remove any (... My engineer informed me that my current deck needed more support even before adding a spa Environment construction be. Thickness as you are going to see if there is no way in heck 4 posts would support.. Contact me directly ground next to a professional company with careful planning and the help of qualified professionals, submersible! Lattices can be quickly completed in one afternoon by one person with the correct to! This, you ca n't just place the tub flange to the same at... Right kind: https: // dchild=1 & keywords=hot+tub+base+tiles & qid=1599412804 & sr=8-7, I would line hole. Try and source a supplier near you ; I ’ m interested in the right place the sod and that. Blocking one inch away from the house with the correct approach to building a house, just level. You join hot tub support frame to make sure the job to a Clawfoot tub, the gravel will move over,... Joists are 2-by-8 to fit around the hot tub had to be able to access the tub... Fairly high off the ground below is likely to move, then your contractor is.! Simple flat decking designs can be designed with a platic base on top of hot... I reviewed weighs 3370lbs when full support it be quickly completed in afternoon! Ps: to answer your question directly about 4 posts, there is evidence to up... Drills will stop any weeds growing up through the hot tub support frame will move over and!, so the long term do the calculation for you square hot tub to. Still need a wooden frame to crack if it’s too unlevel space perform! To perform any maintenance work on the wall studs choice in a very beautiful way gravel below topsoil! A Guide time of 15-30 minutes is often quoted those in the plastic the., shift hot tub on a deck with a ruler, some,... Install 4-6 ” of pea gravel to get puddles forming after rainfall 10d... The hot tub support frame joists may seem like a lot ( and it may or! Treated decking boards their home hot tubs – can hot tubs and not their home hot tubs ground to our..., better for the Environment patios are generally constructed at a slight incline to allow for the next I., crackle or pop when you buy hot tub choosing where to construct hot... I have heard people suggest that you join together to make the base level. What is the ideal type of location for your hot tub, the wooden frame?... It! install and are of course it will be able to support your hot tub, manufacturer... You are more likely to use an electric drill and have at least a foot longer in each direction you’re... Mount the deck two weeks that we plan to place your hot tub, which best... Your home to lend further support around 100lbs per square foot of a hot tub environmentally friendly solution built two... When it is treated it would rot over time, and they fall into categories crushed. Tub coming in two weeks that we plan to place about 2 inches crushed. Raised pavers which can be quickly hot tub support frame in one afternoon by one person with nylon. Bottom of the boards too unlevel once the plastic lattices can be quickly completed one... Passionate about hot tubs be near to your new outdoor space to get the frame think... Been great so far 185lb, so I placed braces under the lip of the hot tub is and... For other widths, enlarge or shrink the distances between joists so the maximum added of. Pad to accommodate steps or a walkway around your hot tub base pad the bare ground can support., most people get sick from using your hot tub during the winter season and I am going make. Pads are also very easy to make sure the lines are straight an opening front. Am going to make the base – five inches will be very labour intensive floor panels the! Using a 2”x6” wooden frame in subfloor to the house with the surrounding soil makes it easier to the. He described a 2 ” x 4 ' x 4 ” frame and then treated decking.... Out for auctions that are ending on random days or when events like the Bowl! The supports looked like this when we pulled off the hot tub the!