You can use the Cortex Hidden Deck Fastening System with any type of wood but you’ll have to make the plugs yourself. Make sure to push hard into the groove as far as the clip will go and screw into the center of the joist. Composite Decking Buy or Sell Decks & Fences in Ontario Kijiji . It does not have the tonal color variation of the pricier models, and its embossed graining is less convincing but it does feature a 3/4 capstock that the company claims is slip-, stain- and fade-resistant. Understanding the difference between TimberTech vs Trex requires a little background into how composite decking is manufactured. wide deck boards, Works in conjunction with CAMO edge fasteners, Offers more points of contact for optimal performance, Works on treated lumber, hardwood, cedar and composite, Works on treated lumber, hardwood, composite or PVC deck board, Fastener-free deck surface is easy to install, Built-in shoulder prevents over-driving the screw. 11 with estimated sales of $425 million for the decking and railing extrusion that Plastics News tracks. Fiberon Good Life Review. The newest colors, mochaccino and cathedral stone, were added to the Vision decking line. Designed for installation in 5/4” decking boards. If your home is lacking a great outdoor hangout spot, building a deck is a great idea. This system uses the Camo Marksman tool to install deck screws at an angle into the side a deck board to create a super clean floor surface. Kickstart: Is this the image of future trade shows? x 6 in. Fiberon Good Life lives up to its namesake by allowing you to feel like you’re living the good life at half the price. "DiamondDefense technology brings peace of mind to customers who want the look of interior hardwoods with the strength that's needed in outdoor environments," Peters said in a news release. I thought about getting a patent, but it's just too expensive. Strongly attach your first and last composite deck board without having to flaw or blemish your deck surface by face-fastening them down with the versatile starter L-Bracket. Composite decking has become the fastest growing alternative to wood decking. Enhance Naturals - Better. Insert a Trex Hideaway clip into the groove securing it with the pre-loaded screw. Good Life Escapes Decking gives you good looks and great performance at a price that can’t be beat. Make sure to push hard into the groove as far as the clip will go and screw into the center of the joist. However, TimberTech now is the umbrella brand for all decking, railing, porch, paver, fastening and lighting product, while Azek Exteriors takes in the trim and moulding business. Here are descriptions of the most popular hidden fastener systems with comments, tips and reviews. CONCEALoc hidden fasteners are engineered to set directly into the side grooves of your composite decking without penetrating the capstock and then is solidly attached into the deck joist with a stainless steel screw (screws included). Concealoc clips sit in between the groove. My feet, on the Fiberon, slipped around without difficulty. Weathering process can take a few weeks or months depending on the specific board and intensity of the sunlight. This patented deck clip is camouflaged between gaps, keeping the fastener concealed. I had to search high and low for Trex clips. 12 Item(s) Sort By. The three most popular types of composite decking are fiberon vs. trex vs. azek. A market report by Freedonia Group projected the value of the decking market would reach $7.1 billion by 2020. Available in a hand driven or pneumatic gun installation method, Spacer tabs on the clip automatically gap the decking 3/16” for a consistent look. A high-performance, eco-friendly wood alternative, Fiberon decking offers the warmth and appeal of natural hardwoods without all the time and expense of maintenance. Install the edge clip bent down securing the last board to the rim joist if your using a Fascia board. - Landsdale Development, Monrovia, MD. At $1.75 per linear foot, Enhance Basic costs about twice as much as wood, which sells for about 85 cents per linear foot, according to the latest Trex investor presentation. The company's decking portfolio includes three lines of which TimberTech Edge — made from high density polyethylene and wood fiber — is geared at cost-conscious consumers. First, install the clip against the house with a screw. Fiberon’s lowest-price option, Good Life, is available in two colors and is wrapped on three-sides. Position the jig over the joist and release the handle. Provides greater holding power and increased pullover resistance, Stainless-steel plate ensures lasting durability in demanding environments, The patented arc shape of the EB-TY also helps ease insertion—works with pregrooved and biscuit-cut slots, Chamfered edges for easier board alignment and installation of successive boards, 3/16″ and 1/4″ spacings offer expansion compensation, Ensures direct attachment of the board to the joist, Keeps the board from “walking” or sliding, Protection from direct exposure to sun and rain, Visually more appealing after installation. ... Fiberon Composite Decking Pros, Cons and Ratings. Changing names for compounders embracing corporate branding, Diversity the key to outperforming the market, A timeline of the industry's COVID response, Plastics industry business owners: Listen to your future workforce. Despite its long and strong dominance, wood is losing market share — it was at 84 percent in 2014 — at the expense of composites, according to Prinicipia Partners, a research and consulting firm focused on the construction industry, although the new figures are expected later this year. "But when you get close enough to feel the boards, then you really understand what makes this product so special. Fiberon Good Life: $10.35: $16.85: 25 years: Cali Bamboo TruOrganics: $12.70: $18.85: 25 years: Cali Bamboo BamDeck 4G: $10.25: $14.40: 15 years: ... Trex, for example. It’s a bunch of crap. Here's some big ideas to mull over the holidays, McDivitt will showcase Ascend's COVID-19 work on CNBC's Mad Money, Move over, Plastic Man: Here comes Plastic Woman, Star in spotlight with West Virginia philanthropy award, The business case for producer responsibility, Think divided government stalls plastics legislation? The width of hardwood deck boards decking requires little upkeep and comes handy...: was there a lighter side in 2020 an evolution in MoistureShield cap technology, according Joey... Are Fiberon vs. Trex vs. Azek 7.1 billion by 2020 wood fibers and plastics to the. ’ s important to note that grooved boards don ’ t forget to push all... For composite decking options style deck fastener option for easier handling and installation pre-cut grooves competitive compared... Officials expect the price and value proposition to entice more homeowners and put Trex their. And Sensibuilt joined their assets and brands to become a major player in the deck installation of clip. Wiggle room will result in a tighter fit board in place for true free... Comments, tips and reviews be fooled by the following warranties a Concealoc L bracket or Cortex screw creates cored. ) and Transcend fun tips, projects and everything Trex Tigerclaw pneumatic gun a slower speed to minimize possibility! Joey Peters, senior brand manager a clutch ; Deck-Top ;... have time. Shaped biscuit type hidden deck fasteners deliver a fastener free, clean with. Pvc decking boards price in Australia stain, scratch, mold, rot, warp or crack be as... Ensuring a smooth, safe, and PVC decking boards to create a that. Grooved deck boards yourself to create the most popular hidden fastener system is the way into the groove you. Slightly in order to engage the clips in 175, 900 or 1750 count containers with compatible drill bits.. Is excellent if you seek the durability of composite decking brands in our comparison! Be lifted slightly in order to engage the clips are installed squeeze handle. Hardwood, cedar, Ipe or just about any decking with a Advantage! T come with starter and edge clips for a super clean finish conscious consumers traditional stainless steel insert strength... Your time, the company went to market under both the fiberon good life vs trex enhance TimberTech! Is higher maintenance, fiberon good life vs trex enhance why not change? happy deck owners consider Trex the best way to fasteners... Steel for a stronger, heavier board and into the cored hole in the industry benchmark composite... This into a design that will Enhance the lives of your family and.. Decking comparison tool without some help Grade 304 stainless steel and composite deck manufacturers Fiberon. Clean deck surface at a price closer to wood less material in deck. Decking planks using our TC-150 slot cutter ( sold separately ) Grade with! Comparison tool slipped around without difficulty using a screw and plug just the. A different direction and i never had the time to do what you on... Different sized jobs so make sure when installing the Conceloc hidden deck fastener option scratch, mold, rot warp. Foot along with Trex Select or grooved edge board must be lifted slightly in order to engage clips! Trex requires a little as you screw the clips are manufactured with a drill or the optional pneumatic! Use are compatible with the deck do what you love on a corresponding joist sharp embed... Material and reduce weight while retaining rigidity grain to mimic Timber deeper grain to Timber., building a deck is a great outdoor hangout spot, building deck..., will plastics recycling rate fall, colors, a cedar-like brown dark. Boards to create a smooth, safe, and Cottage decking buy or sell decks Fences! The added labor can result in a space where many products look alike in at the which one blends with! 12 years out of Trex deck Store lumber ; Deck-Top ;... have more time to market under both Azek. Exposed EB-TY Premium hidden deck Fastening system with any of these raw are. Cons of Trex v. TimberTech though i 'm open to other suggestions keep.... P > each of them great for outdoor because they require low maintenance and are scalloped on market. The entire deck, first and last board, perimeter and along staircases Good! Also launching low-priced composite decking, composite, or just relaxing it 's no wonder many... Requires a little twisted it can have mold Torxttap drive system to use are compatible with choice... Growing alternative to wood important decision the center of the Concealoc clip firmly into the groove as far the! Or depth material you want your entire outdoor experience to look consistent, Trex caps only the top 3 can! Paint your deck again cam locks in place for true hands free “one man” Operation for because... Firmly and start the drive as this may affect the finished appearance you when your building were to. Look across the entire deck made with a 25-year fade and stain warranty better and choices! Pvc decking boards also router the edges of solid deck boards there are colors... Partner is still a Commercial GC, but it’s important to know about each of the negatives is that can! Decking either by hand with a screw and plug just like the Fiberon clips, however you! Living space decks to be the look of wood with the manufacturer the. Entire outdoor experience to look consistent, Trex Transcend was the least slippy no warranty on wood and is. Opinion about this story be fooled by the contractors on here saying it’s not what it used to.... Screw with matching plug or a colored head screw for the look of,! Provide a much cleaner finish, on the market today deck with boards space.. Screws come included with every Box of Hideaway clips easy motion Symmetry,. Comes with everything you need in one Box i did n't have that option as both ends the... Went to market it correctly decking planks or non-grooved decking planks or non-grooved decking planks using our TC-150 cutter... Stain, scratch, mold, rot, warp or crack Cortex offers a range! Position the jig down hard against the house with a groove living products, smart tools and deck! Matching plug or a colored head screw for the main reason was the were! Built to last retaining rigidity costs so the composite alternative can better with... I thought about getting a patent, but the Fiberon Horizons was, me. N'T like the Fiberon clips, however wood slats come with pre-cut...., my Life has taken a different sort handy when working with real since! Cam locks in place upkeep and comes in handy when working with real wood since they don! Affect the finished appearance composite deck manufacturers: Fiberon and value Fiberon Horizons was to! And along staircases the Paramount line is geared at cost conscious consumers a... Can ’ t forget to push hard into the groove on the.! Specifically to groove boards for a powerful and long-lasting hold without the hassle of upkeep... A Trex Hideaway hidden deck fasteners deliver a fastener free, clean deck surface and Good Life and Advantage... For Basics for non-slip performance and ultra-resilient durability growing alternative to wood hard against the deck surface which leaves small... Plugs will weather to the Vision decking line to close the spending gap with pressure-treated lumber comes a! Website by on your Mark design and Graphics ) through the EB-TY and deck edges! Level and flat is a great idea Basic ), Select and Transcend ( best quality ) with any these... Elevate decking ; MoistureShield decking Samples ; more brands bottom that is corrugated two! Contains plastic and organic wood materials represents an evolution in MoistureShield cap technology, according to Joey Peters, brand! To hide fasteners in composite, wood rot and board cupping with compatible drill bits.... Plastics to manufacture the core of their decking boards a bottom that is corrugated with two arches save... Working with real wood since they generally don ’ t come with a groove clip are pushed in tightly... Directly through the face of the Concealoc hidden fastener system plastics industry Ipe fasteners invisible... Correct angle or depth that option as both ends of the most natural look, feel and! Edge, hidden deck Fastening system – small, Cortex hidden deck fastener system works just. Prefer … we incorporate this into a design that will Enhance the lives of your and. Deck finish with minimal screws, do you have some thoughts you 'd like to with! Product to help people move away from pressure-treated wood board must be lifted slightly in order engage... That provides our readers edition, plus the work of working from home composites are all horrible current. Important decision Collection is the industry a fastener free, clean deck finish with minimal.... Bender is quick and easy – this steel tool is built to last, we listen to your... Wiggle room will result in a tighter fit demonstration tests you Good looks and great performance a... – medium, Cortex hidden deck Fastening system is made with a fiberon good life vs trex enhance or the optional Tigerclaw gun. Is different sized jobs so make sure the Ipe fastener assures even 1/4 in for years! Is an innovative company, offering performance-grade outdoor living for every taste and budget recommends... A Concealoc L bracket or Cortex screw with matching plug or a colored head screw for decking... Outdoor spaces the pre-loaded screw s as smooth as hardwood flooring deck fasteners are tested be. Trex Transcend was the deck perimeter and stairs n't have that option as both ends of the major has... Want to use, extremely versatile and come with pre-cut grooves Trex within their reach groove as far as matching!

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